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Jewllery Repair and Sales

We welcome any jewellery repairs, from a simple chain repair, to the reconstruction of antique brooches.

Our jeweller collects our repairs on Monday and Tuesday nights, and then brings them all in, securely, the following week.

All our estimates are free, and no additional jewellery repair is undertaken without first contacting the customer.

Antique & Modern also stock a wide variety of unique and interesting jewellery brands:

Nicole Barr

 Nicole Barr

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Enamel is most definitely the central passion at Nicole Barr! From humble beginnings in 1982, they have grown to become an ethical jewellery provider. Their Thai personnel produce perfect piece after perfect piece of jewellery, and all working for a decent wage. Nicole Barr has become known for their excellence in enamelling - you will be very hard pressed to find enamelled jewellery with more personality than from Nicole Barr.

Nicole Barr use traditional techniques, previously employed by artists such as Lalique and Faberge, including plique-√°-jour - a very delicate process of producing enamel between actual wires of silver or gold. This allows light to pour through the enamel, bringing out the true beauty in each design

Basse Taille is a method of providing texture and dimension by engraving a pattern into silver, and covering with vitrous enamel. Finally, Champlevé is a process whereby layers of hard-fired enamel are applied into recessed areas of silver, to allow colour and texture to be brought to the surface of each piece.

Cavendish French

Cavendish French

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Cavendish French provides jewellery for the Individual. Each piece of jewellery produced by this company has style, panache and uncompromising quality. From earrings to bracelets, Cavendish French has jewellery to suit every woman, for every occasion.

Cavendish French also specialise in Vintage inspired jewellery - if it isn't broken, then why fix it? Find designs inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras, in Sterling Silver or Gold Plate, set with crystals and cubic zirconias of many colours.

Stylish, and yet immensely affordable, Cavendish French try to, and succeed in, bringing the past to life with its jewellery.

Paula Bolton

Paula Bolton has consistently produced some of the most beautiful jewellery found over the last 20 years. Her hand-crafted jewellery is made in Bali by "special people who are as spiritual as they are creative".

Paula Bolton works very hard to ensure that her workers (many of whom are also now her friends) work in ethically secure conditions. The majority of Paula's work is in hallmarked Sterling silver, highlighted with gold plate. She also specialises in producing copper jewellery, in an incredible variety of styles.

There really is something to suit everyone in Paula Bolton's collections.

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