Local Clock Repairs

Clock repairs in London and Hertfordshire

What clock repairs do we offer?

We regularly handle all types of clock repairs and restorations. These include:

  • 400 DAY
  • 1/4 CHIMING

Whether your clock was built last week or 400 years ago, we are always happy to see both you and them. It could be a family heirloom with great sentimental value that requires restoration, or a historical masterpiece that needs conservation and /or documentation of repairs undertaken or prior. Nothing is too much trouble for our expert clock care team, here at Antique & Modern so contact us today!

Why choose us?

We have the necessary equipment and expertise to carefully and professionally complete any clock repair and/or restore your treasured timepieces. No clock repair is too big or too small; it just comes down to your time scale, the cost and the viability of the clock repair. Provided it does not undermine the Professional Code of Practice laid down by our governing body - the British Horological Institute (BHI) - we are more than happy to undertake your clock repair.

All our clock and watch makers are full professional members and trained by the BHI. We are also members of the British Clock and Watchmakers Guild.


Grandfather clock repair

Grandfather clock repairs – Call Out Service

A call out service is available with one of our qualified clock makers for visiting your Grandfather clock (Longcase clock) at an agreed call out charge. Our call outs are now undertaken on weekday mornings, around 9-9.30am. Occasionally, there are a few, limited, evening slots on Saturday evenings, but these really are few and far between.

Our diary gets full very quickly, so try to make your appointment as soon as possible

If we start a clock repair job and we feel it requires more work or parts than we quoted, we will stop the job in hand, re-estimate, and inform you of the new cost of the clock repair. This way you avoid increasing bills, and we avoid completing unwanted work. If you do not wish us to continue with the clock repair after the re-estimate, we will be more than happy to return the job undone, with a minimal charge to cover costs.

Clock restoration

All full restorations undertaken as part of our clock repair service come with a two year warranty on the clock repair we have completed. This is in addition to free advice and backup on the clock as well. All of our estimates are exceptionally reasonable, and advice regarding clock repair in-house is free, and normally comes with a smile!


Our shop is fully alarmed with ADT and BT Red Care and is very well secured at night, with grilles and barred windows back and front. Our premises are fully insured for theft, loss, accidental breakages, in transit (when on call out) or customer liability on our clock repairs. We have endeavoured to cover every eventuality, a necessary evil in this day and age!


Quality Repairs

You can have complete piece of mind that we never farm our clock repair work out, unlike some of our competitors. We do this to keep the quality of our clock repair work to the highest standard possible. The only downside to this is it increases our turn-around time. Your treasured possession will be in safe hands with us, and not in a (possibly) uninsured out-worker's house.


Is there anything we don't do?

The only services we cannot keep in-house at this time are;

  • case restoration
  • gilding
  • glass moulding/cutting

This is due to the fact that we do not currently have the necessary specialist equipment to complete such clock repairs on site. Instead, we utilise the services of professional people who are, in our opinion, some of the best in their field. We are always looking into increasing our services in-house, as a lot of the skills relating to clock and watch making are dying out. We strive to prevent these skills being lost forever by training our staff with new skills as and when time allows.


What happens to your clock when you give it to us?

Step 1: Appraisals.

We will provide you with an free initial estimate for the approximate cost of the service/repair to your clock. If it is necessary, your clock can be further assessed for a confirmed quote. For this there will be a charge of £10, which will be waived if the work is carried out by us.

Step 2: We begin the work on your clock with your go ahead.

Your clock will be dismantled and examined in detail. We will then take this opportunity to inform you of any major problems with your clock repair that may not be covered by the original estimate. (NB this does not happen very often!)

Step 3: The Repairs

Any worn bearings will have bushes hand made and fitted. New gears may need to be repaired or replaced as necessary. This may be true for other parts of your clock. This will be as per the estimate provided.

Step 4: Intensive Cleaning

This is a very time-consuming process that should not be rushed, as this can lead to even greater problems in the future of your clock. Cleaning occurs on each and every part of the mechanism in your clock, to ensure the correct function of each part.

Step 5: Tolerance Testing and Timing

As you may know and appreciate, each clock we repair and reassemble needs to undergo several days of "bench testing" to ensure the reliability of your clock. We would prefer this time to be at the very least 7-10 days to fully regulate the mechanism.

Step 6: Completion of the work

Only when we are fully satisfied with the work completed as part of your clock repair will we contact you to arrange the return of your clock to you.

All of our overhauls are guaranteed for two years.




Longcase clock dial repair

Many longcase clocks and bracket clocks have brass dials with silvered chapter rings, name plates etc. These can become faded, scratched or blackened with time and will need restoring to recapture the original beauty of the dial. Some other clocks have completely silvered dials. One of the clock repair services we offer is a restoration service for all these types of dial. In addition, if you have a clock with a moon phase dial which is not working correctly, we can both repair and make the necessary parts for it.



Moving home?

If you are moving home, redecorating or maybe just rearranging the furniture, it is a good idea to get a professional to move your clock for you. Pendulum clocks are particularly fussy when it comes to being moved and must be in beat (this simply means that the clock has an even tick) and completely stable for them to be reliable. Longcase clocks and most wall clocks usually require that they are firmly fixed to the wall. If you have already moved your clock and it is not behaving itself, we can set it up again for you.