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Alprazolam Uk Buy, Buy Discount Xanax

Who are Antique & Modern?


Alprazolam Uk Buy, Buy Discount Xanax

The Clock and Watch Repair Specialists of North London and Hertfordshire!

Antique & Modern are based in North London, 10 minutes from Junction 24 on the M25 and we specialise in the repair and sales of all types of clocks and watches.

We were established in 1982, by Jeremy Gain (BA, CMBHI), as a clock and watch repairers at a time when the horology trade was winding down due to the development of quartz technology.

The Big Drop

In the 1990's the watch and clock trade was hit hard by the recession. We lost many clock and watch shops throughout the UK, including the heart of our industry in Clerkenwell. Most painfully, our biggest loss of all was the clock and watch college in Hackney.

The founder of our company, Jeremy, soon felt that it might have been time to call it a day and close the shop or sell up. It was agreed that the management would take over the shop and continue to keep his legacy going.

Vanessa E. Bennett (A.B.H.I) and Mark W. Wiles (F.B.H.I) have continued to grow the business since the changeover in 1993, each playing to their individual strengths.

Vanessa, already an accomplished businesswoman, runs the retail part of the shop. With her vast knowledge of all things antique, there is very little she doesn't know about and she is always keen to help.

Our team


Mark Wiles (Owner and Watchmaker), Vanessa Bennett (Owner and Jewellery Specialist) and Barry Scott (Sales Assistant)

Fixing the Broken

Mark runs the workshop and is one of the British Horological Institute's youngest accredited Fellows. He is also one of the last dually recorded apprentices of the Worshipful Company of Clock and Watchmakers in nearly one hundred years. With such experience, he is more than up to the job of repairing your timepiece with the help of his repair team.

Mark also has a great passion for his Craft and until recently, dedicated his spare time to teaching Horology at a local watch school (EFCH), keeping the trade alive and well in the UK. He became a Freeman in 2011 for the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, taking his place amongst the WCoC in April of that year. This keeps up a family tradition going back to the 1700s, with Steven and Edwin Wiles both distinguished clockmakers based in central London.

We now have many esteemed clients, ranging from local celebrities to lords and ladies, including museums and historical buildings with large clock collections.

Antique & Modern has grown, with the help of its staff and customers, to include several specialist jewellery lines and watch brands as part of our range.

Most recently, Mark has undertaken, and passed with flying colours, the official Omega Accreditation Tests. He was lucky enough to work on several different co-axial watches, adding to his already impressive wealth  of experience.

Examples of our work can be found as far afield as Ireland, Scotland, America, Spain and even down the road at the Brixton Lido.

Buying Xanax Online Legit

Contact us


266 East Barnet Road

10 minutes from Junction 24 on the M25

Bus routes 184 and 307 stop right outside the shop

Nearest Underground station is Cockfosters 

Nearest Overground station is New Barnet or Oakleigh Park

Tel: 020 8449 8067 | +44 20 8449 8067

Email: Buy Alprazolam Online Overnight Delivery

Our Services