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Clock Repairs @ Antique & Modern


Here at Antique & Modern, our clock makers are experienced enough to carry out repair an restoration on a plethora of different clocks. From grandfather clocks to carriage clocks, springer clocks to mantle clocks, there’s little we haven’t worked on before.

Our typical turnaround time is between six to eight weeks.

All our estimates are free (House calls will be charged) and also provide free advice regarding the regular running of your clock.

All FULL servicing/restorations have a two-year warranty on the work undertaken by us. We provide free advice regarding the regular running of your clock.

All our clock repairs are undertaken on our premises in our workshop by one of our BHI qualified expert clock repairers.

A typical clockmaker’s desk

A typical clockmaker’s desk

Full Service

This includes (where needed) the following; new bearings/mainsprings/suspension spring; refacing of the pallets; new taper pins; new gut lines (if applicable); oiling. Lightly damaged gears will be repaired (to a maximum of 3 teeth) and damaged pivots will be refinished and cleaned. All the above is covered by our two-year warranty.

Clocks in pieces

Clocks in pieces


We clean our clocks by hand, using tried and tested age old techniques; soaking the clock parts in a mild horological approved cleaner and then brushing each part by hand. Each part is then inspected for damage and wear. The parts are then rinsed in a degreaser and dried using Maizorb (a modern replacement for sawdust). Polishing mops and ultrasonic machines are never used at any stage, as both are detrimental to clocks in the long run.

An optional extra

An optional extra


We will regulate your clock in the shop, but there may be a small amount of adjustment necessary when the clock is in place in your home. You will be provided with instructions on the rear of your guarantee regarding this adjustment, which may also be necessary upon the change of the seasons. This is due to the difference in temperature and humidity between our workshop and your home.

We have a large store of old clock parts that we have accumulated over some 30-odd years, enabling us to restore even the oldest of clocks.

The machine shop is fully equipped to hand/machine make replacement gears/bearings and other missing parts for your clock’s restoration. Some of these items will incur an additional charge.

We do offer a case restoration service. This is done off-site by our cabinet maker. He will personally collect your case from our premises and bring it back fully restored. He can replace/manufacture any missing parts of your clock case. He can also re-veneer and polish your clock to match its original finish.

GILDING: Please ask at time of booking if your require your clock to be regilded.


• Longcase clocks (Grandfather clock, grandmother clock and granddaughter clock), English, French, Dutch and German made

• Carriage clocks (Striking / repeating / grand & petite sonnerie)

• Lantern clocks (English and Dutch made)

• Bracket clocks (Striking / musical /chiming / with automatons)

• Dial clocks (Railway / ex-GPO / Act of Parliament)

• Ship's chronometers / box / deck clocks

• Regulators

• French mantel clocks

• Vienna regulators

• Atmos clocks made by Jaeger le-Coultre


• Electric clocks

• Master clocks

• Small public clocks

• Flick clocks / Ticket clocks

• 20th Century mechanical clocks

• Cuckoo clocks

• Anniversary / 400 day clock (NOT QUARTZ BATTERY TYPE)

• Quartz clocks (movement replacement only)

• GOOD QUALITY Swiss alarm clocks

At this time, we are unwilling to work on pin pallet clocks, such as basic alarm clocks, and most 30 hour, spring driven clocks.

LUMINOUS PAINT: If your clock has luminous paint, you should be made aware that it may be radioactive. We have a Geiger counter in our workshop, and please do not be offended if we return your clock rather sharpish on the discovery of such luminous paint. If you have a Pre-1970s clock with luminous paint, and you wish to have it tested, please feel free to bring it along to the workshop.


We appreciate that some clocks cannot easily be moved, so we provide a call out service with a qualified clock maker for visiting your Grandfather clock (Longcase clock) or regulator.

• Charge: The average local cost is between £30-£60.

• Times: Most of our local callouts are undertaken on weekday mornings between 9.30-10 AM. Less local visits are normally carried out in the late afternoon or early evening

• Dates and availability: Dates are limited and our diary gets full very quickly. Remember to make your appointment as soon as possible. The average waiting time is 1-2 weeks and the run up to Christmas get booked very quickly. Please take this in to account when booking a visit.


Mornings: EN1 EN2 EN4 EN5 N11 N12 N13 N14 N20 N21 WD6

Late afternoons/early evenings: WD23 WD7 AL1 AL2 AL3 AL4 AL7 AL8 AL9 AL10 EN3 EN6 NW4 NW7 NW9 N9 N17 N18

• If you are housebound and you would like your mantle/wall clock picked up, we can still help you. We will send one of our retail staff out to pick up your clock at an agreed time and day. (There may be a small charge for this service, depending on availability of staff)

• Out of our preferred area? We may be still able to help, just give us a call: 02084498067 or message us: