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Traditional Design By Nicole Barr

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Nicole Barr

Nicole Barr were established in 1982, and since then have not only devoted themselves to producing the most exquisite enamel jewellery, but also to ensuring their Thai workers have the most fair conditions to work in.

Nicole Barr pride themselves on their maintenance of the traditional styles of enamel working:


Nicole Barr

This process involves suspending the enamel delicately between wires of silver (or gold) without any backing. this allows the light to flow easily through the enamel, producing spectacular effects with each piece of jewellery.


Nicole Barr

This involves the use of chisels and hammering devices to produce a much more textured finish to the jewellery - the deeper the scoring, the deeper the colour.


Nicole Barr

Although similar to Basse-Taille, this process involves the use of purely opaque enamelling, rather than the more translucent type associated with the enamelling process.