Antique & Modern

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Terms & Conditions

When you leave your watch, clock or jewellery with us at Antique & Modern, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

All estimates are based on a brief initial inspection. We reserve the right to re-estimate if additional work is required or additional parts are needed.

Parts that are replaced will be retained by us and returned only at our discretion.

All services on watches are guaranteed for the period indicated on your guarantee. Typically, this is 24 months for all Swatch Group watches and 12 months for watches older than 30 years. We only guarantee work undertaken by ourselves.

This guarantee does not cover accidental damage, replacement glass, re-polishing bracelets, or natural wear and tear to all parts of the watch. The guarantee also does not cover water damage. It is important to understand that although Antique & Modern go to great lengths to try to ensure the quality of materials used at all time, there may be parts that may be sent to us defective, and as such Antique & Modern cannot accept liability for these inferior parts as this is beyond our control.

Should there be any fault found subsequent to a service or repair to your watch, this must be brought to our attention within seven days of your receipt of your watch.

If this fault is covered by the guarantee, Antique & Modern will aim to rectify the problem as quickly as they can.

Third party attempts at opening, investigating or adjusting your watch, including battery replacement will result in your guarantee becoming immediately invalid. Antique & Modern are not liable for any costs incurred through these actions.

We do not offer guarantees on part jobs including, but not limited to, coil replacement, crown replacement etc.

Customers are reminded that they must only use their timepiece within the manufacturer's specifications - water RESISTANT watches are NOT waterproof. When watches are brand new, their seals may provide some level of waterproofing, but this is not to be assumed.

Occasionally, there may be a delay in the service of your watch. This may be due to the fact that some parts may be on back order. Antique & Modern have no control over this delay, as not all parts are immediately available. We also reserve the right to take longer than the initial time given to complete the work on your watch. The cost agreed for the service will not be affected by any increase in the service time.

Customers must also be aware that the water resistance of a watch is not immutable. Natural wear and tear on the materials of your watch may lead to a deterioration of the waterproof parts of your watch. This is unavoidable, and Antique & Modern will only provide a water proof guarantee at our discretion. This guarantee is subject to the proper usage of your watch, following the suggested manufacturer’s guidelines.

Our battery replacements are covered by our 12-month guarantee. This covers in its entirety the battery alone. It does not cover seals, crowns or any damage caused though incorrect use of your watch including water damage through improper use of the crown (ie the crown not being screwed down during use).

Watches fitted with custom and / or aftermarket casing parts will not be guaranteed water resistant at any time.

Finally, during a typical service, your watch will be tested and adjusted to be as close to the original manufacturer’s specifications. In the lifetime of a watch, it is a normal part of the ageing process to assume that the accuracy of your watch will decline. With this is mind, it may not be possible to return your watch to you with the same performance as a brand new watch. Antique & Modern cannot be held accountable for this, as it is a product of natural wear and tear of your watch.

Jewellery repairs are taken in with the understanding that the initial price quoted is an estimate. Occasionally, the amount of work involved is more than first realised, and this is reflected in the increased (or decreased) price. When this occurs, Antique & Modern will endeavour to contact the customer prior to the work being carried out to advise them of the cost. The customer can then decide whether or not to go ahead with the repair.


Full services on clocks are also covered by a two year guarantee for the work undertaken by us. Part jobs are not normally covered by this guarantee, as we are not responsible for the overall correct running of your clock in these instances. Our guarantee is not valid for the failure of mainsprings or gears (unless these have been replaced by us during the service). Customers should also be aware that our guarantee does not cover accidental damage, including to the case, and if we deliver your clock we cannot guarantee accurate time keeping at the time of installation - this is due to changes in barometric pressure from area to area.

If you require future servicing to your clock (we recommend about every ten years), and you have your original guarantee, you will qualify for a discount on this service.