Raymond Weil Watches

Repairs on Raymond Weil Watches

Raymond Weil Watches

At Antique & Modern, we have the facilities to service all models of Raymond Weil watches, from the ultra modern to the more traditional models. All the parts we use are genuine, and our workshop is fully equipped to provide the most professional of services for you and your Raymond Weil watch.

History of Raymond Weil

Fifty years after he was born in Geneva, Raymond Weil decided to found his own company in 1976. This company is now one of the flagship brands of the Swiss watchmaking world.

Expansion started in 1982, with the introduction of Raymond’s son-in-law Olivier Bernheim, who modernised the company, whilst still maintaining the idea of an independent company, run by the Weil family.

Raymond Weil now has three generations of the family as part of the company. His grandsons Pierre and Elie add to the familial idea of the Raymond Weil company.

They have produced some amazing feats of engineering – the Othello (ultra slim line), Traviata (designs over the dial) and Saxo (homage to Jazz) collections, to name but a few.

Raymond Weil cannot be overestimated in their contribution to the popularity of watches over the last few decades.

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